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God And Future Of America :: essays research papers

Expos Paper  â â â â      God is a divine, all consultation, and all knowing being that nobody has actually ever been in direct contact with. For cynics that is sufficient to make an unbeliever, yet, with the entirety of the restorations, strolling on water, and dreams of the Virgin Mary crying something must be there. That something is the genuine situation. What precisely is God and what precisely does he need us do? Many have attempted to investigate what the responses to these inquiries and a large portion of them have gotten answers, it’s simply that all the appropriate responses are unique. Numerous variables have had impact in my comprehension of otherworldliness, from the perspectives on the past to the radicals of the present every thought has helped me understand that God is there, in any case you need him to be. I feel that religion is misrepresented, similarly as cigarette promotions attempt to suck youthful teenagers into smoking, religion attempts to suck kids in through dread. However, while this methodology may take a shot at a few, others develop out of, similarly as in putting stock in Santa Clause. As of now, with the more liberal perspective on everything in the public arena, there are less and less clearly strict individuals on the planet. Jean-Paul Sartre saw this idea. He considered God to be an idea lessening near the very edge of presence. â€Å"Traditionally religion discloses to us that we should fit in with God’s thoughts of mankind to turn out to be completely human. Rather we should consider human to be as generously manifest. Sartre’s agnosticism was not a supporting belief, yet different existentialists considered the to be of God as a positive liberation† (Armstrong, 68). The possibility of God as â€Å"just there† spoke to me. That is the ma nner by which I have consistently felt; yet was persuaded that an existence without undeniable dedication would waste my time. All however this view was invigorating I despite everything scrutinized the truth of God. The world is anything but a warm, cherishing place. In spite of the fact that you may have a decent life loaded up with much satisfaction, shouldn't something be said about the a great many others that have an existence of despondency? â€Å"The Koran says ‘Not to such an extent as the heaviness of an insect in earth or paradise escapes from the Lord.’ That is contacting that Allah, God, and their kind consideration when one subterranean insect dismantles another, or notes when a sparrow falls however I strain to see the utilization of it† (Dillard, 195). Annie Dillard incredulity is messed up the apparatuses of my musings.

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How to Write a Research Proposal - Outline and Samples

Do you likewise discover composing an examination paper an unpleasant undertaking? To compose a fruitful research paper, you have to realize how to compose an examination proposition such that it goes through the postulation board. Snappy Links 1. What is a Research Proposal? 1.1 Research Proposal Definition 2. Research Proposal Outline 3. Research Proposal Template 4. Research Proposal Format 5. How to Write a Research Proposal? 5.1 Title 5.2 Abstract 5.3 Introduction 5.4 Literature Review 5.5 Research Methodology 5.6 Result 5.7 Discussion 5.8 Citation 5.9 Proofreading 6. Research Proposal Example 6.1 Research Proposal 6.2 Research Proposal Sample 6.3 Research Proposal Example APA 7. Research Proposal Topics 8. Look for Professional Help! 1. What is a Research Proposal? An exploration proposition is a succinct outline of your examination paper. It makes the general thought of your exploration by featuring the inquiries and issues you are going to address in your paper. For composing it, exhibit the uniqueness of your exploration paper. This is the primary draft that exhibits your abilities to direct research. To explain the idea further, it is the will be the most significant report as it tells in the event that you can effectively lead complex research by conveying your unmistakable and brief thoughts. 2. Research Proposal Definition A point by point definition is, An examination proposition is a record composed with the objective of introducing and defending your advantage and need of leading exploration on a specific subject. It must feature the advantages and results of the proposed investigation, upheld by powerful proof. 2. Research Proposal Outline Now and again understudies dont acknowledge how significant an examination paper is and simply wind up assembling all the data without following the fundamental blueprint or thoroughly considering this. To sum up its significance, on the off chance that you need a fruitful research venture, you have to compose an incredible proposition for it. Prior to beginning with the framework, you have to comprehend the essential segments. It's implied that a reasonable blueprint is significant with regards to writing and composing. 3. Research Proposal Template It may appear to be a frightful assignment and particularly for the understudies who are new to this. It requires great composition just as research abilities. Here is an example layout to additionally clarify the blueprint. Research Proposal Template (PDF) Keep perusing to find out about proposition composing. 4. Research Proposal Format Your proposition ought to have enough information and data to convince and persuade your perusers in regards to the importance of your exploration. Here is an essential organization you can follow while composing your proposition. Title Unique Presentation Writing Review Research Methodology Result Conversation Reference 5. The most effective method to Write a Research Proposal Presently you have the essential layout you can follow. Lets talk about how to compose it following the arrangement referenced previously. 5.1 Title Your proposition title ought to be brief and clear to show your exploration question. The title is the primary thing that your peruser is going to peruse. An appealing yet instructive title will draw in perusers. Your perusers should recognize what's in store in the paper in the wake of perusing the title. Your title ought to plainly show the connection between the autonomous and ward factors. Abstain from composing titles in a general point of view or expressions like An examination of or A survey of 5.2 Abstract The theoretical is a short synopsis that is around 100-250 words. The theoretical ought to incorporate the exploration question, speculation of your examination (if there is any), the examination system and discoveries. On the off chance that the proposition is nitty gritty, at that point it will require a segment of chapter by chapter list after the theoretical. 5.3 Introduction You have to begin with a solid presentation. The acquaintance is composed with give a foundation or setting identified with your exploration issue. It is critical to outline the exploration question while composing the proposition. Your whole proposition will spin around your exploration question. In the event that the exploration question isn't explicit and has a general writing audit, at that point your proposition may appear to be unimportant. A particular research question will make your exploration centered. Be that as it may, there is nobody approach to outline your examination question. Start the presentation with a general proclamation identified with the issue territory you are concentrating on and the legitimization for your examination. The presentation for the most part covers the accompanying components. What is the reason for your examination or study? Notice the foundation data and essentialness before you present your examination question. Present your examination question such that its essentialness is featured by making way for it. Quickly notice the issues that you will examine and feature in your investigation. Ensure that you distinguish the autonomous and ward factors in the title of your examination. On the off chance that there is a speculation or a hypothesis identified with your exploration, state it in the presentation. Have an exceptionally clear and brief thought identified with your exploration to ensure you don't veer off from the limits set for your investigation. A reasonable thought will assist you with creating an ideal proposition. Here is the manner by which you can make a fresh and intriguing proposal presentation alongside an essential rule. 5.4 Literature Review According to the prerequisites of your teacher, you can join the writing survey in the presentation or make a different segment for the audit. A different segment committed to writing audit will permit you to direct broad foundation research and bolster your exploration question with sufficient verification from tenable sources and inquires about. Following are the fundamental motivations behind the writing audit. To offer reference to the analysts whose review has been a piece of your examination. To assist you with building an exact and clear research question. To fundamentally assess past writing data identified with your exploration. To comprehend examine issues applicable to the subject of your exploration. To persuade the peruser that your exploration is a significant commitment to the important specialty. A writing survey is a significant segment. In any case, there are some basic missteps that understudies make while checking on the writing. Sloppiness and lucidness. No legitimate structure. Absence of spotlight on the theme. Not refering to the papers and specialists appropriately. Excluding the ongoing examinations applicable to the subject. Unimportant reference Keep your writing survey sorted out by adding a subheading to keep up a smooth stream in the substance. Perusing writing audit may appear to be exhausting to a couple of individuals. Do whatever it takes not to exhaust your perusers and your educator, or the panel.. Compose it in a connecting with way. 5.5 Research Methodology This segment clarifies how you are going to lead your exploration and the strategy you decide for your examination question. Clarify why the particular technique is appropriate for your exploration and in what capacity will it assist you with accomplishing your examination objectives. Your examination approach will give you a sorted out arrangement for the exploration. Notice adequate data with respect to your exploration strategy for perusers to see how you are leading your examination. It must contain enough data with respect to the examination for another analyst to actualize it. Pick the kind of research system that is reasonable for your examination. Quantitative research is reasonable for ventures including gathering and examination of measurable information like that in sociologies, medication and brain science. Subjective sort is utilized in hypothetical kind of research like that in writing. Some exploration includes both; if your examination subject likewise includes investigation of both the factual information and hypothesis, at that point ensure that you use them suitably. For a subjective methodology, the strategy segment of your proposition should be progressively point by point and detailed when contrasted with the one in quantitative methodology. How you will gather your information and dissect it as per the subjective methodology ought to be depicted with extraordinary consideration. At the point when you pick a quantitative methodology for your examination, the technique segment ought to contain answers to the accompanying components. Configuration Is it a research facility analyze or an overview? What is the example size and the subject of your investigation? What is the technique of your examination and by what method will you complete the exercises engaged with it? Depict your poll or the instruments you will use in the investigation. Have definite information on all the examination procedures to legitimize your methodology towards the exploration issue. 5.6 Result You wont have any consequences of your test while you are composing the proposition. In this area, you can depict how you will dissect your exploration question; present speculation dependent on the information you have gathered in the examination. 5.7 Discussion Portray what will be the potential effect of your examination and feature the reasons of picking the individual theme. Dont misrepresent the benefits of your examination just to upgrade the noteworthiness according to the perusers. Likewise, notice the impediments of your examination as far as absence of time, assets and spending plan; notice its degree for future investigation. e.8 Citation Don’t overlook the reference section.You dont need to get accused for copyright infringement. Continuously give refe

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University Entrance Essay Samples

University Entrance Essay SamplesObtaining University entrance essay samples is not a difficult task. You can take as many samples as you want. Here are a few tips in obtaining good sample essays:It is not an easy job to find the right subject essay. There are many subjects within a subject that is closely related to the university that you want to apply to. The number of topics is a large factor that will make it difficult for you to find the right essay. When looking for a sample essay, make sure that the one you have is the right one for the subject you are applying to.A school's need for essays is very important to them. The people at a school often check your academic abilities, and then they will look at how well you wrote your essays. In this way, it is very important for you to prepare a proper topic for your essay.You can find lots of essay writing software that can help you create an essay. Most of these software programs will be very similar in terms of the features that t hey offer. However, there are other options that you can use for better essays.Before purchasing any kind of college entrance essays for high school students, you should also make sure that the essay is appropriate for the university that you want to apply to. The essay must be relevant to the school that you want to apply to. Make sure that you study and familiarize yourself with the university that you want to apply to before buying a college entrance essay. You should also research the subject as much as possible before buying a college entrance essay to be able to write the best essay possible.When you are writing your essay, there are many things that you can do. You can either be guided by a sample essay or by thetips above. After you have selected a topic for your essay, you will then begin writing. You will be guided by a sample essay or by your own thoughts to complete the entire task successfully.Writing an essay on a very interesting subject can be a lot of fun. Of course , having fun is the main reason why many students choose to write essays. It is also an opportunity to express yourself. If you are writing essays for high school and college entrance exams, it is vital that you know how to write a good college entrance essay.There are many schools offering sample essays for students to choose from when looking for a topic for their essay. Since so many students will be applying to so many schools, you will need to have several different topics to choose from. Even if you are not familiar with the subject, there are many resources online that can assist you with finding topics. There are some great tips and advice online that can help you write the perfect essay for college or high school entrance exams.

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What Is an Embargo Definition and Examples

An embargo is a government-ordered restriction of commerce or exchange with one or more countries. During an embargo, no goods or services may be imported from or exported to the embargoed country or countries. Unlike military blockades, which may be viewed as acts of war, embargoes are legally-enforced barriers to trade. Key Takeaways An embargo is a government-imposed prohibition of the exchange of goods or services with a specific county or countries.In foreign policy, embargoes are typically intended to force the embargoed country to change a particular social or political policy.The effectiveness of embargoes is an ongoing foreign policy debate, but historically, most embargoes fail to achieve their initial goal. In foreign policy, embargoes usually result from strained diplomatic, economic or political relationships between the countries involved. For example, since the Cold War, the United States has maintained an economic embargo against Cuba over human rights violations by the island nation’s Communist government. Types of Embargoes Embargoes take several different forms. A trade embargo bars the export of specific goods or services. A strategic embargo prohibits only the sale of military-related goods or services. Sanitary embargoes are enacted in order to protect people, animals, and plants. For example, sanitary trade restrictions imposed by the World Trade Organization (WTO) ban imports and exports of endangered animals and plants. Some trade embargoes allow the exchange of certain goods, such as food and medicine, to meet humanitarian needs. In addition, most multinational embargoes contain clauses allowing some exports or imports according to a limited set of restrictions.   Effectiveness of Embargoes Historically, most embargoes eventually fail. While the restrictions imposed might succeed in changing the policies of a democratic government, citizens of countries under totalitarian control lack the political power to influence their governments. In addition, totalitarian governments typically have little concern for how the trade sanctions might harm their citizens. For example, U.S. trade embargo and economic sanctions against Cuba, which have been in effect for over 50 years, have largely failed to change the repressive policies of the Castro regime. Since the end of the Cold War, several Western nations have attempted to change the policies of the Russian Federation through a variety of economic sanctions. However, the Russian government has been largely unresponsive to the sanctions, contending that the sanctions are intended to weaken the nation’s economy by replacing the government of President Vladimir Putin. Russia has imposed economic sanctions against its own satellite nations of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. These sanctions were enacted in an attempt to halt these nations drift toward Western-style, capitalist economies. So far, the sanctions have met with little success. In 2016, Ukraine entered into a multinational free trade agreement with the European Union. Consequences of Embargoes Embargoes are not violent like guns and bombs, but they still have the potential to harm the people and the economies of the nations involved. Embargoes can cut off the flow of essential goods and services to the civilians of the embargoed country, potentially to a harmful degree. In the country that imposes the embargo, businesses may lose out on opportunities to trade or invest in the embargoed country. For example, under current embargoes, U.S. companies are banned from potentially profitable markets in Cuba and Iran, and French shipbuilders have been forced to freeze or cancel scheduled sales of military transport ships to Russia. In addition, embargoes usually result in counter-attacks. When the U.S. joined other Western nations in applying economic sanctions against Russia in 2014, Moscow retaliated by banning the importation of food from those nations. Embargoes also hold consequences for the world economy. In a reversal to the trend toward globalization, companies are beginning to see themselves as dependent on their home governments. As a result, these companies hesitate to invest in foreign nations. Additionally, global trade patterns, which are traditionally influenced solely by economic considerations, are increasingly forced to respond to geopolitical alignments. According to the Geneva-based World Economic Forum, the result of multinational embargoes is never a â€Å"zero-sum game.† Backed by the might of its government, the nation with the stronger economy can do more damage to the target country than it will suffer in return. However, this punishment does not always succeed in forcing the embargoed countrys government to change its perceived political misbehavior. Notable Embargo Examples In March 1958, the United States imposed an embargo banning the sale of arms to Cuba. In February 1962, the U.S. responded to the Cuban Missile Crisis by expanding the embargo to include other imports and most other forms of trade. Though the sanctions remain in effect today, few of America’s old Cold War allies still honor them, and the Cuban government continues to deny the Cuban people basic freedoms and human rights.   During 1973 and 1974, the United States was the target of an oil embargo imposed by member nations of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Intended to punish the U.S. for its support of Israel in the Yom Kippur War of October 1973, the embargo led to sky-high gasoline prices, fuel shortages, gas rationing, and a short-term recession. The OPEC oil embargo also spurred ongoing oil conservation efforts and development of alternative energy sources. Today, the U.S. and its Western allies continue to support Israel in the Middle East conflict. In 1986, the United States imposed strict trade embargoes against South Africa in opposition to its government’s long-standing policies of racial apartheid. Along with pressure from other nations, the U.S. embargoes helped result in the end of apartheid with the election of a fully racially-mixed government under President Nelson Mandela in 1994.  Ã‚   Sources Klestadt, Andrea. US Trade Embargoes—Are They Effective Tools to Promote Change? NCBFAA.â€Å"Economic Sanctions as a Foreign Policy Tool?† International Security, Vol. 5, No.2. (1980).Trenin, Dmitri. â€Å"How effective are economic sanctions?† World Economic Forum (2015).â€Å"Case of the Day: Tracing the Effects of the Oil Embargo.† Reed College.

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Imperfect Subjunctive Verbs in Spanish

The imperfect subjunctive of Spanish is the simple past form of the subjunctive mood, the one used to refer to events or hypothesized events relating to the past (although it sometimes refers to the present). Although the equivalent verb form is rare in English, the imperfect subjunctive is an essential part of Spanish grammar. Key Takeaways: Imperfect Subjunctive in Spanish The imperfect subjunctive is the simple form of the past subjunctive.The imperfect subjunctive is used most often in a dependent clause that begins with  que.It can also follow  si  (the word for if) when referring to a condition that is unlikely. Spanish has two forms of the imperfect subjunctive, the -ra form and the -se form. The -ra form will be used for examples throughout this lesson because it is by far more common in speech. How To Use the Imperfect Subjunctive Like the present subjunctive, the imperfect subjunctive is used most often in sentences of the following form: Subject (may be implied) indicative verb que subject (may be implied) subjunctive verb The subject and indicative verb form what is known as an independent clause; que and what follows form a dependent clause. The imperfect subjunctive is most common when the independent clause is in the preterite, imperfect or conditional tense. The imperfect subjunctive also is used sometimes following si (the word for if). This lesson assumes that you know when to use the subjunctive and how it is conjugated. Here are the major uses of the imperfect subjunctive: Following a Past-Tense Independent Clause This use of the imperfect is the most straightforward, because all verbs clearly refer to the past. Note, however, that English may use a would in translation because of the sometimes hypothetical nature of the Spanish subjunctive: El gobierno ordenà ³ que se hablaran con los terroristas. (The government ordered them to speak to the terrorists.)Me asombrà ³ que nadie me diera apoyo. (It amazed me that nobody gave me support.)Todos esperà ¡bamos que dijera algo mà ¡s, pero eso fue todo. (We all hoped he would say something more, but that was all.)No querà ­a que mis hijos me vieran. (I didnt want my children to see me.) ¿Tenà ­as miedo que te matara? (Were you afraid he would kill you?) Following a Conditional Independent Clause The imperfect subjunctive can refer to a present possibility when it follows a main clause in a conditional tense. Such sentences cannot be translated word for word into English and may require the use of if or would: Nos gustarà ­a que hubiera mà ¡s participacià ³n. (We would like it if there were more participation. Note the use of the English subjunctive were in the translation.)Me temerà ­a que mi amigo tomara la misma actitud. (Id be afraid my friend would take on the same attitude.)Estarà ­a feliz que me dieras su opinion. (I would be happy if you gave me your opinion.) After Expressions of Possibility The main verb of a sentence following a word or phrase meaning maybe can be either in the indicative or the subjunctive. Use of the subjunctive may indicate considerable doubt on the speakers behalf that the statement is true. Quizà ¡ quisieran conocer los detalles. (Perhaps they wanted to know the details.)Tal vez pensaran que mis padres eran ricos. (Maybe they thought my parents were rich.)Posiblemente no tuvieran otras alternativas. (Possibly they didnt have other alternatives.) To Indicate an Unlikely Condition As with the English past subjunctive following if, the Spanish imperfect subjunctive can be used following si to indicate something that the speaker believes is false or highly unlikely. An example would be a sentence starting out si yo fuera rico (if I were rich). When used this way, the subjunctive verb is typically followed by verb in the conditional tense, such as si yo fuera rico, comprarà ­a un coche (if I were rich, I would buy a car). Note that the condition expressed by the subjunctive verb refers to the present. Si yo comprara la otra consola, podrà ­a ahorrar la diferencia para comprar juegos. (If I bought the other console, I could save the difference for buying games. See how comprara and bought refer to the present even though they take the form of past tenses.)Si estuvieras aquà ­, te estrecharà ­a entre mis brazos. (If you were here, Id hold you tightly in my arms.)Si viviera en Aragà ³n, me gustarà ­a esquiar. If I lived in Aragà ³n, Id like to ski. If you need to refer to a past condition, you can use the imperfect subjunctive of haber with a past participle to form the pluperfect subjunctive: Si yo hubiera comprado la otra consola, habrà ­a ahorrado la diferencia para comprar juegos. If I had bought the other console, I would have saved the difference to buy games.

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Essay on Home Burial by Robert Frost - 1394 Words

Home Burial, a dramatic narrative largely in the form of dialogue, has 116 lines in informal blank verse. The setting is a windowed stairway in a rural home in which an unnamed farmer and his wife, Amy, live. The immediate intent of the title is made clear when the reader learns that the husband has recently buried their first-born child, a boy, in his family graveyard behind the house. The title can also be taken to suggest that the parents so fundamentally disagree about how to mourn that their home life is in mortal jeopardyÂâ€"in danger of being buried. Further, Amy, because of her introspective grieving, risks burying both her marriage and her sanity. The husband enters the stairway from below and sees her before she sees him,†¦show more content†¦Her rejoinder that he is sneering makes him upbraid and half-threaten her and ask why he cannot talk about his own dead child. This provokes her longest speech, briefly interrupted by his comment that he feels so cursed that he should laugh. The essence of her complaint is that he does not know how to speak, that she could not even recognize him when he dug the grave so energetically that he made the gravel leap and leap, and that his voice then was too rumbling when he commented that foggy and rainy weather will rot good birch fences. Concluding that he cannot care, she in turn generalizes: Friends grieve for anothers loss so little that they should not bother at all, and when a person is sick to death he is alone, and he dies more alone. Even when survivors attend a burial they are busy thinking of their own lives and actions. She calls the world evil and adds that she will not have grief this way if she can change it. He mistakenly feels that she has said her say, will stay now, and should close the door. She blurts out that he thinks the talk is all and that she must goÂâ€"/ Somewhere out of this house. He demands to know where and vows to bring you back by force. Forms and Devices Home Burial achieves tension first of all through its use of unpretentious wording in blank verse, a poetic form with a tradition going back centuries, to tell a tragic domestic story in a homely locale. More obvious tension results from theShow MoreRelatedBurial Of A Home By Robert Frost1482 Words   |  6 PagesBurial of a Home Robert Frost’s poem â€Å"Home Burial,† written in 1914, centers around the conversation of a married couple whose relationship is struggling after the death of their young child. A duality in meaning exists in the poem’s title, â€Å"Home Burial,† which references not only the death of their child but also the death of their marriage. Is the child’s death the sole cause of their marital distress? Robert Frost opens the poem in the couple’s home with the husband watching as his wife, Amy,Read MoreAnalysis of Home Burial by Robert Frost822 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of Home Burial by Robert Frost Robert Frost’s poem â€Å"Home Burial† relates a drama between an estranged man and his wife. He presents a dramatic poem in the form of a dialogue about a couple that argues, differs with their opinions, and separates at the end. The center of the argument is around the death of their child. The poem is rich in human feelings; it highlights the expression of grief, frustration and anger that the couple shares while trying to deal with the death of their childRead More Robert Frost Home Burial - The Three Tragedies of Home Burial1295 Words   |  6 PagesThe Three Tragedies of Home Burial  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Robert Frost’s Home Burial is a narrative poem that speaks of life’s tragedies. The theme of Home Burial† centers around the death of a child. During the time period in which the poem is set, society dictated that men did not show their feelings. Therefore, men dealt with conflicts by working hard and being domineering. Home Burial demonstrates how one tragedy can cause another to occur. The unnamed couple in this poem has lost a baby toRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Home Burial By Robert Frost2109 Words   |  9 PagesRobert Frost’s poem, â€Å"Home Burial† (1914), eloquently intertwines dialogue within the structure of the poem in order to reveal the tensions between the two characters. Having recently buried their only child, Amy and her husband are learning how to grieve and deal with this horrible loss. However, they are learning to grieve separately, which causes distress and makes it look like their marriage is failing. According to William Fish, â€Å"mothers and fathers grieve differently and therefore are oftenRead MoreRobert Frost s Poem Home Burial1248 Words   |  5 Pageshusband is Robert Frost’s poem Home Burial. In the poem I get a feeling that the husband and wife do not communicate very well. From reading the poem I get the sense that Amy, the wife, wants her husband to automatically be aware of what she is feeling and why, however that is not fair. It is impossible for anyone to know exactly how one feels without asking. I can tell by this passage, â€Å"My words are nearly always and offense/ I don’t know how to speak of anything/ So as to please you† (Home Burial, 48-50)Read More Robert Frost Home Burial - Selfish Misery Essay1662 Words   |  7 PagesThe Selfish Misery of   Home Burial Robert Frosts poem Home Burial is an intriguing portrait of a marital relationship that has gone wrong. Though at first glance it may seem that the cause for the couples trouble is the death of their child, closer reading allows the reader to see that there are other serious, deeper-rooted problems at work. The couples differences in their approach to grieving is only the beginning of their problems. Many of the real problems lie in the wifes self-absorbedRead More Robert Frost Home Burial - A Reflection of Reality Essay923 Words   |  4 Pages nbsp;Home Burial as a Reflection of Realitynbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Robert Frosts Home Burial is a masterfully written work, conceived from his and his wifes anguish at the loss of their first-born son as well as from the estrangement between his sister-in-law and her husband due to the death of their child. In Donald J. Greiners commentary on Frosts works, The Indespensible Robert Frost, it is revealed that Mrs. Frost could not ease her grief following Elliots death, and FrostRead MoreEssay about Analysis of Home Burial by Robert Frost970 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of Home Burial by Robert Frost Robert Frost wrote the poem Home Burial after he and his wife suffered the tragic loss of their 4-year-old son. Home Burial shows the emotions people feel after such a loss, and how they face those emotions. Through Frosts experience he shows that men and women grieve in different ways. In Home Burial Frost demonstrates, through the husband, that in the grieving process men tend to show strength. Throughout the poem you see the husband proceedRead MoreImpact of Death on a Relationship Explored in Home Burial  by Robert Frost1600 Words   |  7 PagesRobert Frosts Home Burial is a tragic poem about a young life cut short and the breakdown of a marriage and family. The poem is considered to be greatly inspired and spurred by the Frosts loss of their first child to cholera at age 3 (Romano 2). The complex relationship between husband and wife after their childs death is explored in detail and is displayed truthfully. Among many others, the range of emotions exhibited includes grief, isolation, acceptance, and rejection. The differences inRead More Robert Frost Home Burial - The Insensitive, Selfish Husband Essays1178 Words   |  5 PagesThe Insensitive, Selfish Husband of Home Burial  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚      Even in the closest of relationships, the death of a baby can separate and form a wedge between a husband and wife. Husbands and wives tend to handle the process of mourning differently, not only because of the differences between male and female, but also because of personality and the social molding in ones upbringing. In the poem, Home Burial, Robert Frost gives a glimpse of the conflicts caused by non-communication and misunderstanding

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Working with Community for Cancer Council-

Question: Discuss about the Working with Community for Cancer Council of Victoria. Answer: Introduction The Chosen Community The chosen community is the Cancer Council Victoria. Community Interest in Professional Capacity The Cancer Council Victoria is chosen in that it contributes in serving the needs concerning the understanding of the lifestyle and nutritional elements that are required to be incorporated for countering the incidence of cancer. Similarly, researching on the above community would also help in designing of coaching programs for nurses regarding dealing with cancer patients and thereby in motivating them to live a better life(Cancer Council Victoria, 2017). Significance of the Chosen Community Rendering to Individual Cancer Council Victoria focuses on reducing the level of impact of cancer on different individuals. Rendering to Society Cancer Council of Victoria has gained international reputation owing to the development of its potential for conducting research, prevention and also supports activities for reducing the impact of different types of cancer on different individuals. It also focuses on empowering communities for reducing the level of inequities concerning dealing with cancer(Cancer Council Victoria, 2017). Community Mapping Challenges Faced by Local Community Challenge 1 Cause of the Challenge The first challenge is associated with the designing of fundraising activities and programs for sourcing funds to counter different types of cancer. It thus requires identification of potential stakeholders like cancer survivors, celebrities, clubs and other volunteers and also designing of quality programs for helping patients suffering from cancer(Cancer Council Victoria, 2017). Nature of the Cause The nature of the challenge is identified to be economic such that it focuses on understanding and evaluating the financial needs for sourcing of necessary funds for fighting of different types of cancer(Cancer Council Victoria, 2017). Challenge 2 Cause of the Challenge The second challenge is associated with requiring the tobacco companies for rendering detailed package highlighting health problems concerning the consumption of tobacco in terms of cigarettes, tobacco powder and other like products. The generation of warning labels are required to be generated for reducing the chances of misuse of tobacco products(Cancer Council Victoria , 2016). Nature of the Cause The nature of the cause is identified to be social such that it aims on governing consumer behaviour regarding purchasing of tobacco products. Effective labelling is required to be provided for generating needed awareness concerning association of tobacco product consumption with oral cancer(Cancer Council Victoria , 2016). Challenge 3 Cause of the Challenge The third challenge is associated with the existence of cultural diverse groups in Australia. It is observed that around 22 percent of the patients suffering from cancer belong to non-English speaking nationalities. Members of culturally and linguistic communities face problems concerning language and also from lack of knowledge concerning health system of Australia to both prevent and diagnose cancer(Cancer Council Victoria , 2017). Nature of the Cause The nature of the above cause is identified to be social owing to the identification of problems concerning culturally and linguistically diverse communities residing in Australia in understanding the mode of diagnosing and preventing cancer(Cancer Council Victoria , 2017). Desirable Outcomes and Goal Setting First Goal Description of the Goal The first goal is associated with the development of effective and potential fund raising programs and also with involvement and empowering of different stakeholder groups concerning cancer survivors, celebrities and other local volunteers for designing of merchandises and selling of such to gather funds. Relation of the Goal to the Challenge The goal for the sourcing of potential funds through involvement of different stakeholders for designing of fund raising programs would ideally help in meeting the challenge concerned with lack of proper funds for fighting cancer. Reason for the Goal Significant amount of funds are required to generate and sustain a fight against cancer. The same requires the development of fund raising programs to help source needed funds for helping cancer patients(Xu et al., 2014). Second Goal Description of the Goal The second goal is associated with encouraging and governing tobacco companies for rendering detailed packaging reflecting the incidence of oral cancer with increased consumption of such. Relation of the Goal to the Challenge Encouraging and monitoring of detailed labelling and packaging on tobacco products and raising voices for such would help in reducing the chances of misuse concerning same and thereby would help in countering cancer. Reason for the Goal Effective labelling of tobacco products concerning development of a smoke-free environment and also reducing presence of passive smokers can help in promoting a reduction in tobacco consumption(Miller, 2012). Third Goal Description of the Goal The goal is to generate needed awareness and educating the common masses belonging to different cultural and linguistic communities regarding the diagnosis, prevention and cure of different types of cancer. Relation of the Goal to the Challenge The meeting of the goal would help the people belonging to different cultural and linguistic backgrounds to get first hand information concerning diagnosing and also preventing the emergence of cancer. Reason for the Goal Effective communication is required to be carried out for training and coaching of individuals belonging to diverse cultural and linguistic communities to fight cancer(Parks et al., 2017). Needs Assessment Needs based on Need Gap Assessment of Communitys Needs Needs based on Goal 1 Need for identification of effective donor population Need for recruitment of effective volunteers and in coaching them the objectives of fundraising and tactics needed to be undertaken. Development of communication for generating awareness about the fundraising event through public relations and incorporation of social networking platforms. Generation of merchandises and in designing fundraising programs by surveying of population and in identification of potential regions(Gupta et al., 2014). Needs based on Goal 2 Need for tobacco companies to publish advertisements for rendering a smoke-free environment. Need for tobacco companies to reflect the harmful impacts of tobacco on family and social life. Need for tobacco companies to highlight on packs showing incidence of oral cancer on increased consumption of cigarettes and the like(Velicer et al., 2014). Needs based on Goal 3 Designing of effective communication programs in English and also in other vernaculars. Communicating with the masses through the use of print, broadcasting, digital or web and also through use of social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter and thereby educating them on cancer and the different health facilities available. Distribution of leaflets in different languages to the public of diverse communities for generating information on cancer. Surveying of the sample population for evaluating the level of understanding. Encouraging people to communicate through the use of videoconferencing and also with local agents for gaining proper access to health, finance and other support facilities(Simon et al., 2014). Pertinence of Needs to Challenges Pertinence of Need 1 to Challenge The need for identification of potential donor population along with effective volunteers with also the development of effective communication for cultivating needed awareness would help in drawing necessary funds for generating needed care to cancer patients. Pertinence of Need 2 to Challenge Encouraging, promoting and also monitoring the actions of the tobacco companies concerning the publication of advertisements and public relation information through use of different types of media would help in restricting the undue growth of tobacco consumption in the region. Generation of effective labelling for creation of a smoke-free environment would help in reducing of passive smokers and thereby in restricting lung cancer. Pertinence of Need 3 to Challenge Generation of effective communication through use of different communication channels and also coaching the people belonging to different linguistic and cultural fronts would help in creation of needed awareness regarding cancer and also the existence of different facilities and support. This would help the people in availing needed support for fighting with the disease. Prioritising Community Needs Prioritisation of the Needs Skills needed for Goal Achievement Skills needed for achieving Goal 1 Effective communication skills Team working and organising Budgeting skills Skills for motivating others Convincing and sales skills(Cancer Council Victoria, 2017). Skills needed for achieving Goal 2 Effective presentation skills Convincing skills Monitoring skills Communication skills (Cancer Council Victoria, 2017). Skills needed for achieving Goal 3 Communication and interactive skills Language skills Interpersonal skills Empathy Public Relation and promotion skills Motivation skills Organising and team working (Cancer Council Victoria , 2017). Conclusion Summarisation of the Needs Identified The different needs are identified associated with the different goals associated with development of a fundraising activity, needing tobacco companies for generating detailed labels and finally regarding educating people pertaining to different cultures and languages about cancer and health facilities, systems and support available. Process of Identification of the Needs The fundraising needs are identified owing to lack of proper funds for addressing the support needs of cancer patients. Labelling needs of tobacco companies are identified owing to growth of passive smoking and need for a smoke-free environment. Finally, the existence of people belonging to different cultures and languages requires the development of coaching and mentoring programs. Outlining of Needs Association with Goals Financing and funding needs-----Development of Fundraising Events Labelling needs---------------------Promoting and monitoring of labelling standards Generating awareness for cancer among linguistic and cultural communities------Development of coaching and mentoring programs. References Cancer Council Victoria , 2016. Domestic challenge to plain packaging: High Court of Australia finds plain packaging constitutional. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 22 September 2017]. Cancer Council Victoria , 2017. Culturally diverse communitiies. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 22 September 2017]. Cancer Council Victoria, 2017. Fundraise. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 22 September 2017]. Cancer Council Victoria, 2017. Healthy Living after Cancer. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 22 September 2017]. Cancer Council Victoria, 2017. Whaty We Do. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 22 September 2017]. Gupta, S., Rivera-Luna, R., Ribeiro, R.C. 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